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Complaints procedure

It is inevitable that most customers will be dissatisfied with their service at one point or another. Whether an issue lies with a product, specific retailer, telecommunications company, utilities provider, within the healthcare industry, or any of a number of other service providers, consumer dissatisfaction is all too common but less commonly addressed or properly handled. In fact, research shows that most customers don’t even bother to complain or voice concerns because they feel they would be unheard, brushed off, never actually get to speak with a human, or because filing a complaint takes too long. Fed up with standard complaint procedure, many consumers merely give up.

“Last time I complained, nothing happened” and “no one would listen to me anyway” are phrases too often heard from dissatisfied customers who feel as though they have no outlet for their frustrations and no way to have their voices heard by movers and shakers at the companies in question. We have all heard them from frustrated parents, disappointed friends and coworkers, and have probably even uttered them ourselves after dealing with a company’s complaint procedure that has garnered no results.

While each company’s complaint procedure varies, contact information is hidden on most company websites, making it near impossible to contact the appropriate person via email. Phone numbers, when not hidden, usually entail long waits for a customer service representative or a frustrating waltz with an automated operator and an endless maze of menus. According to a 2011 Consumer Reports survey, 67% of consumers have hung up the phone out of frustration because they could not reach a live person for assistance. Research data gathered by Harris Interactive shows that 75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach an actual person on a customer service line.

Even when a consumer is able to reach a live service representative on the phone, frustration with complaint procedure still remains at a high level. Customers are largely frustrated with common customer service jargon that implies a breakdown in communication, an unwillingness to provide real service, and corporate reticence to admit errors. The “customer is always right” has taken a back seat to a projected facelessness and aura of infallibility that many companies hide behind. This is a shame, as complaint handling can make or break a company, because the way that a business manages received complaints has an effect on consumer relations and continued business.  In the end, many consumers will take their business elsewhere when they feel undervalued as a customer, no matter how brand-loyal they had previously been.

Understanding that the current system of complaint procedure is faulty and aggravating for consumers, provides a web-based service designed to help the consumer file complaint procedures and get results.

While most complaints are traditionally lost in the corporate shuffle, has amassed a database of top contacts at many companies, and uses these contacts to get results for the customer.’s unique complaint procedure features a complaint form with prompts and tips to empower the customer and get satisfaction without any wasted time. expertly uses public records to track down the people responsible for providing goods and services. Onces a complaint is filed through the website, the filing enters a tracking system where it is appropriately escalated if there has been no response. continues to follow up on the customer’s behalf, escalating the issue up each company’s chain of command until the issue is resolved. is devoted to achieving resolution and satisfaction for the consumer, simplifying the complaint procedure for the consumer and empowering users in the process.

Looking for REAL Customer Service?

Complaints service
It’s no secret that the turnover rate for complaints jobs is high. Any cursory search of internet job search engines or any Employment section of the newspaper will highlight a veritable glut of openings in complaints jobs. As a result, it’s no surprise that the majority of customers feel unheard and under-serviced when lodging a complaint. Because of the high turnover rate, many complaints jobs workers are new, undertrained or overworked and burnt out. Additionally, because it’s often so hard to fully staff a complaints department, many of the functions of complaints jobs workers have become automated. Now, when consumers want to file a complaint, they are often met with dead-end complaint forms, frustrating phone menu systems, and seemingly endless wait times on hold.

It’s unfortunate that the turnover is so high and the training is often inadequate for complaints jobs workers and departments, because this leads to a high level of consumer frustration. According to Harris Interactive, customers report that 75% of them feel it takes too long to reach live customer support, and when they finally do talk to a customer service agent, that the customer service agents failed to answer their questions 50% of the time. These numbers are not only disappointing, but also quite discouraging to the customer who merely wants to feel heard and resolve the issue that they are having with their product or service.

Customers don’t want to hear from complaints jobs workers that they have “never received any complaints before” or that they “aren’t allowed” to do whatever it takes to help the customer with their issue. Statements like these, coupled with long wait times and automated email responses, do not instil a sense of confidence in the consumer and instead cause the customer to feel as if their time and money have been wasted, that their needs and feelings are not important, and that they don’t even know who to complain to or who would care. It can all seem very hopeless.

Luckily, is an outlet for the consumer to have access to REAL customer service.

With, there are no more arduous wait times on the phone, and never again will an email be filtered into an unseen inbox. takes the struggle out of utilizing complaints jobs workers, and brings the customer’s complaint to the eyes that need to see it in order to resolve the issue swiftly. even helps the customer accurately state their complaint, providing tips and prompts, to ensure proper attention is paid to the issue. uses many methods of contact -- fax, email, phone, and regular postal service -- to reach out to high-level contacts at the top companies worldwide. This service is designed specifically to empower the customer and deliver results without wasting any more of the consumer’s time.

Now that is REAL Customer Service!