was born out of genuine frustration with poor customer service. One of the team was trying to make a phone call from his house one day when he realised his landline had been cut. He checked that the bill had been paid and then called the customer service number from his cellphone. After an hour of holding on and then being shifted from one person to another around the world, nothing had been done and the problem still wasn't resolved. Service was finally restored after one week and many more frustrating calls to the customer service number. Something had to be done.

After this thoroughly unpleasant experience, we formed a teamto create a complaint resolution service that worked, for any company. Let's face it - most of us just don't have the time to sit on the phone for half a day trying to get a complaint sorted. That's where comes in. helps users make complaints and resolve problems of all types resulting from defective goods, poor service, mistakes and other problems experienced in dealing with everything from shops to phone companies to airlines to insurers.

We're here to help you get the support and service you rightly deserve without wasting your precious time navigating automated phone systems, listening to music-on-hold and eventually getting through to a call-center staffed by people unable and unwilling to assist with your unique problem.

We provide helpful prompts so that a complaint can be properly organized and then present the issue together with supporting documents and photos to a Director or Senior Decision-Maker at the business or organization in order to get the matter resolved quickly.

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